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Family Guy Season 1-14 DVD Set:is about a very absurd family life, Peter is not serious to speak often lust but often naive delicious fat, his wife Lois from a powerful family was willing to follow strange fat husband, is the drama In fact, it does not look normal super normal wife and mother type. His eldest son (Chris) is a naive *** children, the eldest daughter (Megatron) is the drama in the most normal but plain so often been at home and school make fun of people, the heart of the book girl desperate love - fat , glasses. Small son Stewie is the most lovely drama, like football head full of world conquest .. hope - often but failed to assassinate the mother, is a super scientist and a politician with a diaper dandy child. Brain is a cute little white mature dog, is the drama seems most normal male.

Family Guy Season 1-14 DVD Set directed by Seth MacFarlane American comedy cartoon to life in apocryphal Rhode Island Quahog Shangwang one of storyline, extensive use of flashback approach (that is different lenses interspersed in the story line ), the episode basic plot revolves around Peter Griffin and his family's story unfold.

Family Guy DVD Description

Name:Family Guy
No. of Season:Season: 1-14
Discs:coming soon
Created by:Seth MacFarlane
Voiced by :Seth MacFarlane,Alex Borstein,Seth Green,Mila Kunis,Mike Henry
Release Date:2015
Video Format:Support both NTSC & PAL
Audio Format:Dolby Digital 5.1 - English
Language:English(Removable Subtitles)

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